How to Watch Germany vs Denmark Online

The UEFA Euro 2024 delivers an exhilarating match as Germany faces Denmark on June 30, 2024. This critical group stage game, taking place at the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, Germany, is one of the most eagerly awaited matchups of the tournament. Both teams are set to battle it out in a game that could determine their fate in this prestigious European championship.

Game Details:

  • Date: June 30, 2024
  • Time: 8:00 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time)
  • Venue: Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund, Germany


Signal Iduna Park, known for its incredible atmosphere and passionate fans, is expected to be brimming with excitement as the home team, Germany, takes on the formidable Danish squad in a high-stakes encounter.

How to Watch the Germany vs Denmark Game Today

  1. Television Broadcast:
    • In Germany: The match will be broadcast live on ZDF or ARD, the major public-service broadcasters, which provide comprehensive coverage including pre-match analysis, live action, and extensive post-match discussions.
    • In Denmark: Fans can watch the game on DR (Danmarks Radio), known for its quality sports programming and in-depth analysis of football matches.
  2. Online Streaming:
    • ZDF Mediathek / ARD Mediathek (Germany): German viewers can stream the match live on these platforms, accessible on a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.
    • DR TV (Denmark): Danish fans can also watch the game online through DR’s streaming service, which offers high-quality video streaming accessible from anywhere.
  3. Mobile Apps:
    • ZDF / ARD App: These apps allow fans in Germany to watch the match directly on their mobile devices, providing flexibility to follow the game while on the go.
    • DR TV App: Similarly, in Denmark, the DR TV app offers live streaming services, enabling fans to watch the match live and stay updated with the scores and highlights.
  4. Public Viewing and Sports Bars:
    • In Dortmund and across Germany: Numerous sports bars and public viewing events will be showing the game, providing a vibrant environment for fans to enjoy the match with fellow supporters.
    • In Denmark: Major cities will host public viewings, and local sports bars will broadcast the match, creating a communal atmosphere for fans to gather and support their national team.

Why This Matchup is Must-Watch

  • High Stakes: As one of the final games in the group stage, the outcome could determine which team advances to the knockout rounds, adding an extra layer of intensity to the contest.
  • Tactical Brilliance: Both Germany and Denmark are known for their strategic approaches to the game. Watch how each team’s tactics unfold on the pitch, with world-class players executing high-level strategies.
  • Star Power: The match will feature some of the best talents in Europe, with players from both squads who regularly compete in top international leagues.
  • Electric Atmosphere: The passionate German fans at Signal Iduna Park are sure to create a formidable and thrilling atmosphere, boosting their team while providing a memorable experience for all attendees.

Get Ready for an Unforgettable Night of UEFA Euro Football

As June 30, 2024, approaches, anticipation for the UEFA Euro 2024 clash between Germany and Denmark at Signal Iduna Park continues to build. Whether you’re experiencing the thrilling atmosphere in the stadium, tuning in from home, or watching at a local venue, this encounter promises to deliver top-notch football, strategic gameplay, and unforgettable moments. Tune in to see which team will emerge victorious and enhance their chances of progressing to the next stages of Euro 2024.

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